Drainage Correction

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls as Drainage Correction

Retaining walls are typically used to help correct a drainage problem, or to simply help transform an unusable slope in your property to a safe and beautiful landscape feature.

Boulder Retaining Walls

Placement of boulders for a retaining wall is critical. By making sure the larger boulders are on the bottom and placed at just the right angle, the A-1 Landscaping crew maximizes the retaining strength of the wall.
Additionally, we’ll put landscaping fabric behind the rocks or plant perennials between the rocks to manage water flow and limit the erosion that can cause a boulder wall to collapse.

Block Retaining Walls

Block walls have an advantage over boulder walls because they have a mechanical connection to the material they hold back. But, if you simply butt the block wall up to dirt with no thought about drainage, you are asking for failure.
Our years of experience and ongoing, extensive training have taught us that you must divert water away from the dirt behind a wall or risk asking the wall to hold back what amounts to a mudslide.
Through the use of strategically placed aggregate material and drainage tile that allows water to flow away from behind the wall, we minimize the hydrostatic pressure that causes most wall failures.

The A-1 Difference

After 10 years in business, we feel we build some of the best retaining walls in Southern Wisconsin. But, more importantly, we know that when God looks over our shoulders and sees how we do business…He is happy! We invite you to look through our gallery of retaining wall design and installations.