No, a permit is typically not necessary for most landscaping projects. So, since there’s no permit and inspection process, how do you know if a landscaping job is done right? The fact is most homeowners won’t know if a job is done right. Yes, the project will look good on the surface, but as with many other things in life, it’s what’s underneath that makes all the difference in the world.
That’s where references come in. Make sure you talk with a landscaping customer 3, 4, even 5 years AFTER their project is done to make sure the project has stood the test of time.

YES! We put a full five-year warranty on all hardscape projects. But, more importantly, by making sure the job is done right the first time, there won’t be anything to fix!

Yes, however, we don’t recommend it for a couple of reasons. First, because of the relationships we've built with local, quality materials suppliers, we can typically get better materials than you’ll find at the big do-it-yourself store. Second, size and color variances can be significant from one pallet to the next. Without a trained eye, these variances can cause problems not only with installing them, but also how the final product looks.

Just like the roofer who can’t predict when a tornado will come, we can’t predict when the storm that will make you wish you had an ark will come. But, our dedication to doing a project right the first time means that we take every precaution possible to prevent a big storm from ruining a landscaping project. Unlike some other landscapers, we take extra steps like pinning down straw netting on areas prone to washout instead of just spreading straw (which is less expensive), stapling down sod in high water flow areas, or putting drain tiles in to help prevent storm damage.
If a storm comes we will work with you to get it back to the way you expect it because we want referrals from you in the future!!
Yes! We have a number of snow removal and holiday lighting clients. Whether it’s a large parking lot for your church, school, or business; or just your driveway at home, snow is no match for our crew.
For our holiday lighting clients we use quality, efficient LED lights that will add a little magic to the season without the high energy bills. Plus, we can even store the lights for you if you just don’t quite have enough room.

About Us

How many would you like to see? We have customers throughout Sun Prairie, Madison, and Dane County who would be happy to tell you about their experience with A-1 Landscaping. What they will tell you is that our dedication to doing a job right is second only to our dedication to God.

Absolutely! This is what separates a quality contractor from the guy who does it on the side. Yes, he may be able to install a basic brick patio, but what happens when he cuts the gas line or runs into your neighbor’s house with that 7000 lb skid loader he just got from the rent-all place down the street? Who will pay for those damages? We're happy to show you our current certificate of insurance so you won’t have anything to worry about.

No, our passion is in the design and construction of landscaping solutions rather than growing elements that can be used in a project.  We have a wonderful relationship with a number of local nurseries, which gives us access to a wide variety of locally grown plants to meet all our design needs.

Yes, we do install concrete. But, we typically don’t recommend it. What many contractors won’t tell you is that concrete is all but guaranteed to crack…especially in Wisconsin. That’s why we prefer to use brick pavers rather than a slab of concrete. It takes twice as much pressure to crack a brick than it does to crack concrete. And, if a brick paver cracks, shifts, or heaves we can take it out, fix the base, and replace it. It’s not quite that easy with concrete.

Sure…every yard we've ever worked on is a display yard to us. But for something a little more formal we can arrange a tour of Madison Block & Stone (just north of airport on Hwy 51 & Hoepker Rd). They have an incredible display of products that can be incorporated into any design that we come up with for your project.


Payment is expected and appreciated upon completion of the project.

No, however, cash or check is accepted.

Typically 50% of the estimated cost is expected prior to starting a project.  There are some instances on bigger projects where a smaller down payment is fine during the planning and design stages of the project, but 50% of the remainder is required prior to breaking ground.

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